Carlisle & Finch has created the LED "Hybrid" Searchlight.

NightFINDER Product earns The International Superyacht Society (ISS) "Excellence In Innovation" Award

Auxiliary LED Lighting added to C&F Searchlights provides strategic illumination for Search and Rescue, Docking, Illuminating areas near Guard Towers and Prison Yards, Seeing blind spots around Vessels, etc.

1.0KW Xenon "HYBRID" above

Leading Edge Technology

The Carlisle & Finch Co. has pioneered every searchlight innovation over the last century, including the development of Carbon Arc and Xenon Arc Searchlight Technology. In addition, the Company recently launched the NightFINDERTM Family of products, which are the first products in the world, to combine Night Vision Camera Technology and High Intensity Lighting, on the same Pan/Tilt motorized base!

"Fixed and Portable Searchlights for Non-Lethal Deterrence" First spot target covertly with camera.... then since the searchlight is already aimed at the same target... flip the switch, and "instantly blind the intruder".

The Carlisle & Finch Co. products are used worldwide in the Super Yacht Market, the Commercial Marine Market and a multitude of Foreign Militaries and Security Installations!

Although LED Technology illuminates shorter distances very effectively, it still cannot yet compete with the long range distances achieved by Xenon and Halogen Searchlights.However, in order to service those greater distances, these traditional light sources produce narrower beams of light, which are not very efficient when illuminating wide areas nearer to Marine Vessels, or Guard Towers. Therefore, Carlisle & Finch has created the LED "Hybrid" Searchlight. The"Hybrid" strategically combines LED Lighting, with traditional light sources such as Xenon and Halogen, to efficiently utilize the strengths of multiple technologies on demand!

Imagine being able to instantly direct a "Wall of light" 150 Meters wide, approximately 230 meters away, anywhere around the Vessel, or in PrisonYards, across Shorelines, etc.! The LED beam has evenly spread illumination, and a "pure white" color rendering, pleasing to the human eye. And the operator can also use the Xenon or Halogen Beam to reach outlong distances immediately on demand. The LED Hybrid Searchlightperforms all lighting applications, using a single versatile product!

LED Features

Eliminates Blind Spots:

LED Beam illuminates wider areas nearer to Marine Vessels, and Guard Towers, which narrower searchlight beams cannot service!

Dual LED Module Design:

Two LED Light Modules powered by separate electronics, provides backup, if one fails.

Low LED Power Consumption:

Only 43 Watts per module (86 Watts Total!)

Long LED Lamp-Life:

50,000 Hours!

Field Upgradeable:

Add "LED Hybrid Kit" to your existing C&F 19-inch (483mm) Halogen, 500 Watt and 1000 Watt Xenon Searchlights!

Battery Back-up:

Can be run directly off battery power because Voltage Input is 12VDC to 28VDC.

Environmentally Robust:


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