Extend your range, experience new emotions, advance a bit farther...

October 2, 2017

Interested in moving more towards the world of tec diving? Mares' XR range has been considered with you in mind!

Mares' XR line has been developed to be flexible enough to bridge the gap between the first steps into XR and the most challenging of explorations, dedicated to diving a little deeper, staying a little longer and exploring wrecks, caverns or caves, discovering sea life in colder waters and staying longer with decompression in mind.

  • Image courtesy of Mares
  • Every item in this range was reconsidered and redesigned for this new area of diving, with products created by divers for divers.

    While the right equipment is a necessary tool, proper training is a must to safely and comfortably achieve your new goals. Most training agencies, including SSI's XR program, have excellent modules. These programs enhance and build upon your existing knowledge, skills and experience, providing you with the skills to dive safely and with more confidence.

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