A list of doctors were previously approved whose MCA approval has LAPSED during the last two years - for ENG 1 medical examinations

26 March 2019

The following table contains the names of doctors who were previously approved but whose approval has lapsed during the last two years, showing the date when they ceased to be approved. Approval can lapse for a variety of reasons, including retirement, change of address, or no longer wishing to carry out ENG 1 examinations


NameLocationDate no Longer Approved
Dr C GarciaPhilippines (Northern Marine Management)March 2019
Dr P GutayPhilippines (Carnival Cruise Lines)March 2019
Dr A WahabBangladeshMarch 2019
Dr S ScottAberdeenMarch 2019
Dr R YoungStranraerMarch 2019
Dr M JanasCardiff (ABP)March 2019
Dr L KutsawaAberdeen (Iqarus Ltd.) March 2019
Dr S ChingPhilippines (Lotus Ship Management)March 2019
Dr S AustinManchesterMarch 2019
Dr P SnapeAberdeenFebruary 2019
Dr A KeelingFolkestone (P&O Ferries)February 2019
Dr I JigauSouthampton (AB Ports)February 2019
Dr J HitchinsCanterburyJanuary 2019
Dr G KazanjievBulgaria (Zodiac Maritime Agencies Ltd)January 2019
Dr Dr I AntohiRomania (Zodiac Maritime Agencies Ltd)January 2019
Dr r D MirchevaBulgaria (Zodiac Maritime Agencies Ltd)January 2019
Dr G NicholsonPortsmouth (MOD Navy)December 2018
Dr E AshtonAberdeenDecember 2018
Dr G HilarioPhilippines (Wilhemsen Lines Car Carriers)November 2018
Dr P MaynerWorcestershireNovember 2018
Dr J StoutAberdeenSeptember 2018
Dr J HalfordPlymouth (MOD Navy)September 2018
M LindsayFaslane (MOD Navy)August 2018
Dr T BrewinBirminghamAugust 2018
Dr P TurnbullPortsmouth (MOD Navy)August 2018
Dr H HillhouseCaithnessJuly 2018
Dr A Freeman Devon July 2018
Dr M Walker Stornoway July 2018
Dr J Pierson Southampton June 2018
Dr M Atherton St Annes June 2018
Dr M Caiger Southsea April 2018
Dr H Rowbotham London April 2018
Dr M Fernandes Folkestone April 2018
Dr O Adeleke Aberdeen (Sentinel Marine) April 2018
Dr O Adeleke Aberdeen (North Link Ferries) April 2018
Dr O Adeleke Aberdeen (North Star Shipping) April 2018
Dr F C Levack Brighton January 2018
Dr I Suckling Whitby January 2018
Dr T Foster Middlesbrough January 2018
Dr T Fitzsimons Wirral December 2017
Dr O Adeleke Aberdeen (International SOS) December 2017
Dr I Gordon Glasgow November 2017
Dr R Todd Gravesend October 2017
Dr S Valanejad Dover (Dover Harbour Board) September 2017
Dr K Roue Plymouth September 2017
Dr B Rah Folkestone (P&O Ferries Ltd) September 2017
Dr C Munro Aberdeen (North Star Shipping Ltd) August 2017
Dr K Edgington Horley August 2017
Dr J Haber Philippines (Wilhelmesen Car Carriers) July 2017
Dr M Morris Glasgow (Clyde Marine Training) June 2017
Dr G Sykes Greenock June 2017
Dr N Wilson Liverpool June 2017
Dr Y Sunak Southampton May 2017
Dr T Morgan Southampton April 2017
Dr G Canlas Philippines (Anglo Eastern) April 2017
Dr A Hulme Greenock April 2017
Dr M Scutt Plymouth April 2017
Dr N Rowell Middlesbrough April 2017
Dr I Light Australia April 2017
Dr S McHardy Aberdeen March 2017
Dr O Copper Plymouth March 2017
Dr A Hereward St Austell February 2017
Dr P Clark Bristol February 2017
Dr R Barr Hull January 2017
Dr R Barr ABP Hull & Goole January 2017
Dr F O'Driscoll Lowestoft January 2017
Dr C Dainty Liverpool December 2016
Dr A Roberson Saltash November 2016
Dr P Benton Plymouth November 2016
Dr A Mijares Aberdeen November 2016
Dr J Uhr Delia Dartmouth November 2016
Dr I Macaskill Aberdeen October 2016
Dr D Plenty Portsmouth October 2016
Dr C Woodhouse Manchester September 2016
Dr P Jones Holyhead (Stena Line Ltd) August 2016
Dr J Reed Glasgow (BAE Systems) August 2016
Dr T Scade Glasgow (BAE Systems) August 2016
Dr P Guider London August 2016
Dr S Allison (Referee) London July 2016
Dr A Whitton Lancaster July 2016
Dr M Flynn Argyll July 2016
Dr I Craighead Orkney July 2016
Dr W Dunwoodie Glasgow June 2016
Dr A Cooper Southampton June 2016
Dr P Vallis Suffolk June 2016
Dr R Evered Dover June 2016
Dr F Leonard Faslane (MOD) June 2016
Dr H Jayasena Sri Lanka May 2016
Dr M Watts Plymouth May 2016
Dr M Fernandes Oxford(Civil Nuclear Constabulary) April 2016
Dr M Hilditch Lerwick April 2016
Dr B Chireka Folkestone April 2016
Dr M Lefebvre France April 2016
Dr S Ryder (Referee) Inverness April 2016
Dr A Bauchop Southampton April 2016
Dr Wong Singapore March 2016
Dr J AgadaNigeriaFebruary 2016

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