23 Mar, 2017

As a testament to the quality of Bellingham's products, one of the nation's top marine insurers offers its clients additional credits off their dock rate for owning a marina that utilizes Bellingham Marine docks.

Bellingham, WA, USA - Harbor Risk, a managing general underwriter for the Hanover Marine program, recently declared at the International Marina & Boatyard Conference (IMBC) in Fort Lauderdale that they consider Bellingham Marine docks to be such a sound investment that they offer up to 10% in additional credits to a marina's dock rate where Bellingham docks exist.


Worst-case scenario situations can quickly bankrupt a small marina, so it is important as an owner that you are prepared for the possibility.

"Catastrophic losses can be difficult to underwrite so we look for any advantage we can, one of those advantages is Bellingham built docks," said Tim Lucas, National Program Manager for Harbor Risk.

"We are so confident in Bellingham Marine that we have built into our rating system an automatic credit to the dock rate for any client that has Bellingham built docks."

While no dock can ever prevent all damage when it comes to forces of nature, Bellingham Marine's concrete docks are known for how well they stand up to extreme weather conditions. One reason for this is the waler and thru-rod design of the Unifloat concrete dock. The waler system distributes forces received throughout the structure providing tremendous resilience.

"We are honored that Hanover has recognized the value of our products, it was great to hear such praise," said Everett Babbitt, Bellingham Marine President and CEO. "We have a strong commitment to making certain that our products are durable and long-lasting. It is always a pleasure when someone recognizes that."

As the world's leading marina design-build construction company, Bellingham Marine specializes in floating dock, floating platform and floating wave attenuation systems for marinas worldwide. The company also produces dry storage systems for the upland storage of boats.

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