US Coast Guard approves use of LOKRING©

The United States Coast Guard has approved the use of VULKAN Lokring connectors for copper to copper tube connections.


The LOKRING© tube connectors meet the applicable military standards MILSTD-777 and will be used for the repair of refrigeration and air conditioning systems on the Coast Guard vessels. The approval was given after extensive consultations and demonstrations between American VULKAN Corporation Lokring division and the United States Coast Guard.

The utilization of VULKAN Lokring solder-free tube connections will make it easier to repair or maintain any of the systems when the vessel is at the dock or at sea. The efficiency and installation ease of the LOKRING© solder-free tube connection makes the fittings ideal for any environment without all the constraints of brazing and the risks of fire.

The use of a torch or welding to make any repairs may require the vessel to return to port for the necessary repairs. Using LOKRING© connectors eliminates the need to return the vessel to the yard for repairs.


The endorsement by the US Coast Guard confirms the 35+ years old high quality and reliability of the VULKAN Lokring tube connection. The quality and reliability of VULKAN Lokring has inspired the Coast Guard Training Academy in Yorktown, Virginia, to include LOKRING© training in their curriculum. Approximately 140 cadets are trained per year. The cadets are being educated on the proper use of LOKRING© connections and technology for installing, maintaining and repairing the refrigeration and air conditioning systems on their vessels. The US Coast Guard in collaboration with VULKAN Lokring division will provide the adequate training and equipment for the efficient installation, repair and maintenance of air conditioning and refrigeration systems as needed.

The main difference in the marine applications is the LOKRING© connection must be protected by a shrink sleeve to protect it from the harsh salt water atmosphere.

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