Do i need to sign up to upload a page?
Yes, you need to sign up to have your personal page.

Do i have to pay any fee?
No. It is free of charge.

How does this website help me to rent out my dock?
Yacht captains stay in touch with youdock.net who will contact dock owners whenever they need space for their yachts.

Is this website safe from scam and spammers?
No. You need take a caution when you display your information or enter any transaction with third parties.

Do anyone else has access to my page to change my information?
No. It is your page. You have full control of your own personal page. It is safe against hackers.

Do i need to answer all the questions in the member page to upload my page?
No. How much information you display on your page is your personal choice, You decide which questions you will answer.

Do i need to put my phone number on my page?
You do not need to display your phone number on your page. Somehow you need to give something so captains contact you, such as an email address.

Do i need to give my full address?
No. State, City or street name is enough, if you do not feel confortable to share your address on the public.

Do i have to upload my dock photos?
No, It is your choice to show your dock photos.

Can i update my information on my page?
Yes. Whenever you wish, you log in and the system will redirect you to your page. You make changes and click update button at the bottom of the page.

Can i delete my page completely?
Yes. You log in and at the bottom of your page, click delete all button.Instantly, your page will be deleted completely.

Can i contact you for further question?
Yes, you feel free to contact youdock.net administrator at support@youdock.net

Thank you all for your cooperation.

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