RM1180 a New Design

To create emotion and seduce, the RM1180 is a champion. She is very beautiful.

Worked hard with the Lombard design office to push back the limits and draw a sailboat that inspires speed, modernity and performance, while showing a rare elegance.

RM1180, focus on performance

At first glance, you guessed it, the RM1180 goes fast, very fast.
Inspired directly from offshore racing yachts, her hull and equipment have been designed to maximize performance: waterline length, appendages design, sail plan, deck fittings; down to the last detail, everything is done to improve speed again and again.

  • Image courtesy of RM Yachts

  • RM1180, the perfect ergonomics

    Take a real pleasure to sail by making every manoeuvre efficient, easy and safe. All the spaces in the RM1180 have been designed to optimize gestures, efforts and safety. Whether in the cockpit or on the deck, each winch and blocker is ideally sized and positioned.

    Inside, whether in the kitchen or at the table, in the saloon or the cabins, the same focus on ease, well-being and safety is pushed to its maximum.

    DARSENA LE SALINE Venezia Italy

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