27 September 2018

Any seafarer (including new entrants) found :

will be issued with a Notice of Failure/Restriction form (ENG 3), giving them a right of review (appeal) by one of the following independent medical referees appointed by the Secretary of State for the Department for Transport.

A seafarer may only appeal against a restriction or a period of temporarily unfitness if the validity of his/her certificate is greater than 3 months.

Applications for review should initially be made to the MCA's Medical Administration Section at the address provided on the ENG 3 form.
Referees should not be contacted directly.

Dr J Broome Newcastle
Dr M Groom Bristol & Dorset
Dr K Hartington Portsmouth
Dr F Dick Aberdeen
Dr M Hilditch Inverness
Dr C Ide Hamilton
Dr R Johnston Plymouth
Dr M Patel Guildford
Dr K Sarangi Liverpool

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