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About youdock.net

Based in the Fort Lauderdale, Florida yachting capital of the world, the website was established in 2015 by Erol Tevfik who is passionate about innovations and pioneering ideas. Aiming to serve the Marine Industry by bringing different segments of the industry together. youdock.net promotes fresh, new ideas in the marine industry as well as It addresses to marinas around the world. youdock.net is designed to provide service online to bring marinas and yacht captains together. As marinas or private docks display basic marina information on youdock.net , yacht captains can process marina information quicker.

the webplatform youdock.net would like to invite marinas and private docks to join youdock.net pages. Easy to navigate and upload website and free of charge. You will have full control of your own personal pages.

MISSION : Welcome to the marine community on sea going vessels and everything in between.

Marine industry webplatform youdock.net updated daily with the most relevant and interesting marine industry news and developments in which we provide readers around the world with fascinating marine industry stories and unique features from some of the industry's most influential players. Not only limited to marine industry news, the webplatform youdock.net addresses to marinas around the world. youdock.net is designed to provide service online to bring marinas and yachts together.


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youdock.net reserves the right to disclose your personally identifying information when legally required and when the information is relevant for the protection of our rights, including compliance to a legal process or court order served to youdock.net.youdock.net will not be responsible for personally identifying information that you share or post in the website.

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The focus of youdock.net is to share information between person(s) who is willing to sell, lease rent their properties and person(s) who is willing to buy, lease, rent properties.


Youdock.net reserves the right to change this Posting Policy as it deems necessary. A notification will be posted on this page, on the homepage of this website, and on other pages deemed appropriate, so that you'll always know what information we display.

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